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What is Electronic Mail (E-Mail). Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Mail.


It is the sending and receiving message from one computer to another through internet using electronic mail or e-mail as it is called. Some of the popular email service providers are, and Zoho mail

You can attach text files as well as sound and video files along with the email. The attachment can be seen as clip icon.

Advantages of E-mail

Cost : You need to get an attitude on tonight once you are online, there’s no other expense as many web based email services a provided free of cost.

Speed : E-mail is a very fast form of written communication as takes only few clicks to send the mail in its way. It reaches its destination in a few seconds.

Easy to Organize : Sent and received messages and attachments can be stored in an organised manner more easily than paper mails. There is no need of large file cabinets with folders to store the mail.

Easy to use : Once you have setup an account, sending and receiving messages is simple. You can store and access the contacts quickly and easily.

Easy to Sort : All incoming message have subject lines which help you to delete the junk mail without opening them. You can apply filters also to block spam.

Global Access : Web based e-mail can be accessed anywhere even if you qre travelling. Your mail is stored in your e-mail account in the server. It is delivered to you once you are connected to the internet.

Saves Paper : E-mail reduces he damage to environment by eeducing the use of paper.

Disadvantages of E-Mails

1. E-mails may carry Viruses and Trojans which can harm your computer and steal information from it too.

2. Many people sent unwanted emails to others which are called spam mails. It takes some time to filter them.

3.Your storage space is limited and it is necessary to empty the mailbox from time to time.

You need to have an email account first to be able to use a features for sending and receiving the mail. There are many service providers who provide this service of cost although there are few premium ones, who can charge fee.

To Open an E-mail account

1. Open any browser after connecting to the internet.

2. You either go to and click on the email link there or directly type in the address bar. Press Enter. The home page of the will appear.

3. Click on the Create account option. The new blank form appears. Fill in yhe required information. If the email id you have suggested is already taken by someone else previously, you will be asked another try another e-mail id. Click on Next Step after selecting the I agree check box.

4. The welcome window appears showing your e-mail id. Click on Continue to Gmail.

5. It will guide you about its features. Click on Next to learn more or close the window 

6. You are now in the inbox and there is welcome mail from Google. You can browse through the features or if you want to send a mail, go to compose option on the left side.

7. Type the email address in To box, the subject in the Subject Box and letter in the main message box. Click on the send button to send your mail.

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